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Developed by industry professionals, we design and deliver bespoke workshops that accelerate knowledge acquisition and turn students into industry-ready professionals. 

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Course Objective: This workshop empowers students to harness the power of AI-tools to devise B2B sales strategies and optimize sales processes.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the role of AI in B2B sales
  • AI tools for B2B sales enablement
  • Digital sales-funnel development
  • Go-to-Market asset creation


Course Objective: Providing students with a foundation knowledge of Content Marketing while equipping them with proven processes for designing, creating and measuring content marketing campaigns.  

Topics covered:

  • Content Marketing fundamentals
  • Creating compelling content
  • Content distribution & promotion
  • Measuring success
  • Building Content Marketing strategy

Course Objective: Empower students with effective strategies to design, create, execute and measure content marketing campaigns on social media.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding social media platforms
  • Content strategy
  • Content planning and scheduling
  • Community engagement and relationship building
  • Measurement and content optimization

Course Objective: Introduce students to the world of B2B proposals and hand them the tools to curate and blend selling messages with enterprise solutions that foster business relationships.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding B2B Proposal Essentials
  • Research and understanding the client needs
  • Crafting Unique Value Proposition
  • Strategic proposal presentation and customization
  • The power of the executive summary

Course objectives: Introduce students to Gen AI and apply Gen AI best-practices in the areas of customer support, content creation, and decision making.

Topics covered:

  • Gen AI fundamentals
  • Understanding Large Language Models (LLMs)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) fundamentals
  • Gen AI prompts – best practices
  • Gen AI in functional roles – fundamentals.

Course objectives: Help students understand how Gen AI can boost productivity, drive growth, and augment human capabilities across various functional areas and industries.

Topics covered:

  • Using Gen AI for strategic decision making
  • Using Gen AI in marketing
  • Using Gen AI in customer support operations.

Course objectives: Help students acquire the skills to leverage MS Excel’s powerful data analysis features to summarize and present information while making evidence-based decisions.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding MS Excel’s tools & capabilities
  • Data prepping on MS Excel
  • Using ‘Functions’ for data-analysis (e.g. SUMIFs, COUNTIFs and VLOOKUP, etc)
  • Data-modelling on MS Excel
  • Data-interpretation on MS Excel.

Course objectives: Equip students with fundamental skills in data visualization and dashboard creation to address real-world business scenarios.

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud and Power BI
  • Data sourcing and cleaning
  • Designing dashboards for data-analysis & interpretation.

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An experiential workshop is a learning and development program where the focus is on ‘learning by doing’. Lectures do help but knowledge acquisition transpires only when a student puts pen to paper. During the course of these workshops, students work with the instructors to perform all the functions being talked about. In doing, not only do they become aware of a function, they truly experience it via a hands-on application.

A hands-on experiential learning workshop offers an immersive, practical experience that fosters skill acquisition. The active engagement of participants creates an environment of knowledge application and information retention. These workshops promote teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Also, every workshop is a safe space for trial and error, and needless to say, students are encouraged to take risks and innovate. Participants often retain information longer due to a hands-on approach, fostered by a dynamic learning environment that transcends traditional methods.

The workshops listed are designed for students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree and a Post-Graduate program (Master’s Degree) in India.

Our workshops are custom-designed per your university’s academic syllabus. This way, the topics covered in the workshop are aligned with and complement the course lectures delivered by your professors in the classroom.

In keeping with the university’s requirement, a workshop can last anywhere between one-day (i.e. 6-hours) to two-day’s (i.e. 12-hours). And remember, these are bespoke programs, and so, we’re flexible to tailor the pedagogy per the needs of your students.

As many as your classroom can hold! We really don’t place an upper limit on the number of students that can attend these workshops. This helps a university better optimize their investment. Students work in groups through the entire duration of the program and we dedicate enough time for students to showcase their work during the course of the workshop. And this creates a platform of one-on-one feedback.

No, they’re conducted in-person. Our facilitators travel to your university campus and conduct these workshops in your know environment (and under your watchful eye).

Yes, soft-copies of the topics administered and associated learning aids will be emailed to the university sponsors at the end of the program.

No, we don’t. But remember, these hands-on workshops (aligned with the university’s course) provide an industry perspective and function as a catalyst in a student’s aim of knowledge acquisition and eventual attainment of a university degree.  

No, we don’t. That said, do we share several ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ that help students in successfully applying for and confidently facing placement-interviews – yes!

Remember, our workshops are bespoke in nature. So, please send us an email with your requirements and we’ll custom-design a workshop to suit the needs of your students.